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As with any organization, there is some paper work involved with SCBA. Below you will find links and description of SCBA League Forms.

Form Descriptions

Age Chart Baseball - Not sure what age group your child should be playing in? The attached Age Charts are provided to assist you in determining the correct league for your child. Final determination will be made at Registration.

Farm Club - Any participant who wants to "Play Up" when needed by the next age group (will still play in their regular age group) is required to fill out this form. You do not need to submit the Play-Up form.

Fund Raiser Instructions / Form - To offset the costs of registration, we ask participants to part in our Candy Sale Fund Raiser. Awards are given to those who sell higher amounts. Those who do not wish to take part in the Fund Raiser can pay an in-lieu-of charge of $35 per player.

Manager - Any adult who wants to be a Manager (Head Coach) of a team is required to submit this form. And those who wants to be an Assistant Coach are encouraged to fill out this form. Our Managers and Coaches are key to our success; please participate if you can.

Play-Up - Any participant who wants to play in an age group higher than their own is required to submit this form.

Procedure Manual (coming soon) - Description of Board Members' duties and general League Policies.

Registration Front / Back - This form is used to register a player to part in the upcoming season.

Rules (coming soon) - Click here to see the general and league-specific rules for the 2013 season.

Sponsor Form - Any person or organization who wants to sponsor a team or teams is required to submit this form. The money helps further offset the cost for the participants. Sponsor's name/logo appear on the uniforms; we also have other activities to help support and promote our sponsors.

Suspension Policy - League policy regarding player / coach / parent suspension.

Managers Wanted - New Managers and Coaches are always needed. See this form to see a brief description of the duties of our managers and coaches.

Travel Registration Form - Are you interested in registering your son or daughter for SCBA Travel Leagues? Use this form.

Umpire - Anyone (youth or adult) who is interested in becoming an SCBA umpire is required to submit this form. We do pay our umpires!

Volunteer Background Check Policy / Form - Any person willing to donate their time to to SCBA is required to have a Background Check. This form is required of all managers and board members.

Zero Tolerance - SCBA is a Zero Tolerance League.


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